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We are passionate about the potential that exists when technology meets human’s capabilities. At Biz Boosters Projects, we work with professionals dedicated to supporting you in all stages of your business journey, from strategy, branding and content development to launch your business, locally or overseas.

We aim to provide benefits for everyone involved in each one of our projects: our team, our clients, and even the final user of the products we develop.

We are a collective of thinkers and doers who transform bright ideas into reality while making a positive impact in many people’s lives. That’s what drives us!

We can help you if:

  • You’re starting your business and need to have a deep understanding of the market to conquer with a custom strategy.
  • You’re a personal brand or you offer a digital service that can serve limitless markets, so you need the right strategy to boost your current reach, engagement and sales.
  • Your business is already enjoying substantial success in one country, so it could be time to look to overseas markets to bring about a step-change in your revenue generation.


Branding and Design

We have a pool of designers, animators and illustrators who will work together to create or improve your personal or corporate brand. From the basics (logos, business cards and stationery) to social content, flyers, catalogues, e-books and presentations. If you can imagine it, we can create it. And if you can’t imagine it – we will.

Website Design and Development

An appealing and functional website is a key component for your online presence, and of course for turning prospects into clients. We develop user-oriented websites ranging from e-commerce and e-learning sites to landing pages.

Digital Marketing

We excel at creating cross-channel strategies to ensure that every customer interaction is efficient. We combine smart planning based on research and data with emotional content that engages consumers and influences their behaviour.


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