We are thinkers and DOERS

Our Philosophy:

We aim to provide benefits for everyone involved in each one of our projects: outstanding value for our clients, development opportunities for our team of professionals and contractors and ethical products for final users or consumers of the content we create.


Our Mission:

Not everyone has the same access to the same opportunities. The inequality that exists in our world right now can feel insurmountable. Many are trying to help: The world’s wealthiest countries have donated trillions of dollars in foreign aid but… billions still struggle to survive.

At Biz Boosters Projects we believe the solution to eradicate poverty is to give work, or as Leila Janah (who we deeply admire) said:

“stop thinking in the low-income people as the recipient of handouts and start thinking of them as producers, as people who can contribute to the global economy”.

Our mission is to provide work and education to impoverished communities and become part of the solution to ending global poverty.

When you invest in your business through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world by employing a professional in need from Venezuela.

Why Venezuela?

Quality work:

  • Educated: We hire college-educated Venezuelans who seek to apply their abilities to break their limitations.
  • Experienced: Before the current struggles in Venezuela, many large foreign companies were located in the country. Their departure left behind a well-trained workforce that had experience working in various positions.


A big need:

  • The oil-rich nation is going through a difficult time in its history, the average Venezuelan reported losing 11kgs in 2017 due to the economic crisis.
  • Almost 90 per cent of Venezuelans are living below the poverty line, by employing highly-qualified professionals you’re helping their entire family to live with dignity in a country which minimal monthly salary only covers 3 to 5 basic products as milk, eggs or bread.
Daniela Castro Molina

About our Founder and CEO

Daniela Castro was born and raised in Venezuela, she has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a major in media production and graduate diplomas in digital marketing and media management.

Back home, the former radio host worked as a remote creative and consultant for clients overseas as diverse as UNESCO, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Dior, which allowed her to not only have an income that was 15x the average in her industry, but to support her whole family and even turning into reality her dream of travelling to study a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration in Australia.

Daniela produced television and also published articles in some of the most important international media outlets in her native language of Spanish, many of them, covering the sad socio-political situation in her country, where she saw people looking for food in the garbage or dying as a consequence of the scarcity of medicines.

Since moving to Australia, she has been trying to give back to the country that made her the strong, resilient and visionary woman she has become and has been invited to share her professional and personal experiences as a speaker for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Business After Dark, to contribute as a mentor for the University of Queensland (UQ) Ventures Activate program, and in the Startup Weekend (Covid-19 Edition) among others.

Either consulting, creating or teaching, her unique approach is: offering value in the most creative ways, to everyone: Clients and team. 


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