Aca en Australia

Website Juliana Medina

Our role:
Web Design and Development
Infographics Design

About the Client: Acá en Australia (Spanish for Here in Australia) is a Youtube channel that since 2015 is providing reliable information about living, studying, travelling and working in Australia as an expat. The founder, the Colombian marketer Juliana Medina, engages with over 80K followers on her channel.

InfographicWe have helped her to create a website that allow her users to navigate the content based on topic (living, studying, travelling and working in Australia), location (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Perth) or on popularity.
We have also created hidden pages in English that she will be able to use to promote her services to potential partners, turning her new website not only in a hub for her clients to find value but for her to turn content into sales.

You can access her website here: 

Juliana’s website also has e-commerce and promotes her e-books and Patreon account.

The PhotoShoot has served for multiple purposes, from her website and Instagram content to her e-books.

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